Pink Violence 7"

by Retrigger



Retrigger is the cool brazilian dude who decided more than 10 years to mix The Cramps punk'n'roll attitude with his original breakcore and 8bits influence. The results is a unique genre that was so obivous but that I never heard from anyone else. It's still fresh and fun, and you can call his style anyway you want!

This 7inch is the last one that will will ever be published byt Ego Twister, and we are happy to finish our story with this release. So we offer it to you at this crazy price... but feel free to give us more, so we can buy some more booze!
Originally released by Ego Twister, at October 8, 2015

Track A1 - composed and performed by Andrés Schaeffer and Raul Costa.
Track B1 - inspired by this classic song you know, arranged by Raul Costa.
Track B2 - composed by Raul Costa.

Artwork by Carol Serrano. < there is still 10 copies left!


released August 10, 2015




Retrigger São Paulo, Brazil

Retrigger is a laptop rocker who fights crime and boredom, live, every evening for more than 15 years.
He is also a gorgeous man.

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